John Simpkins Makes Art In Isolation In The Alvord Desert

OPB traveled to Oregon’s Alvord Desert to take in the vast, serene and dramatic world of painter John Simpkins in September of 2014. John showed OPB the life that dwells in this apparently empty landscape. It is here, where he translates the unseen into works of extraordinary vision and spiritual depth. The OPB segment garnered the attention of Oregonians from every corner of the state and had increased the exposure of John's work to a much wider audience. 

The segment was nominated for and subsequently awarded the Regional Emmy in the arts and entertainment category in June of 2016 at the 53rd Regional Emmy awards ceremony. Congratulations to Jule Gilfillan, Nick Fisher and John Simpkins on their achievement!

Watch the segment in its entirety below.


Photos from the Filming

Aired February 15, 2015 / Producer Jule Gilfillan / Videographer & Editor Nicholas Fisher / Additional Video Uncage the Soul Productions


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